Le Petit Bonheur, Laurentians, Canada0-proj1
Le Petit Bonheur is a a non-profit holiday camp and educational centre in the country side north of Montreal.
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Vinh-Phuc Channel, Hanoi, Vietnam0-proj2
To Lich River is a 13.30km long open waste water channel.
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Pumping Station #6, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia0-proj3
The main problem of the Jeddah Municipality is the rising ground water table.
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Al Arbaeen Lake, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia0-proj4
Aquatic Park Attraction & Biological Water Remediation Center on the Al Arbaeen Lake- Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Rural Autonomy/Tamil Nadu, India0-proj5
The ultimate goal is to create an non-monetary, resilient, self-sustained community (following the example of ‘Ancient Futures’).
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0-proj6Read an article on the way we want to help rural localities to become autonomous


We tell you how we try to come into grips with a world which we  – a priori – don’t know, how we apply “human centered design” based on the structures, their history, the local economy, culture, religion.


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