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Bestmann Green Systems®


Bestmann Green Systems®

Floating islands are the variation of floating systems for situations where you expect more stress on the floating island: higher currents and/or higher wave or ice heaving
actions. If a strong increase of plant-biomass due to the rich nutriment availability is to be expected, stronger supports and additional buoyancy will be required. Float Islands are
the simple answer to all these demands.
We produce two standard sizes of Floating Islands:
SK A: pre-grown islands
SK B: islands with gravel surface
SK24: islands with side length of 2.40m/94”, and a  surface of 2.50m²/27ft²; made of
SK 30: islands with a side length of 2.90m/114” with a surface of 3.60m²/39ft²
SK 60: islands with a side length of 6m/236’’ with a surface of 15.6m²/168ft²

Floating Islands constitute a system of freely combinable equilateral triangles. Their construction in plastic or stainless steel guaranties a long life and high resistance against
mechanical stress and corrosion.To supply a highly qualified product, each unit is welded and has passed a waterproofing test prior to delivery. Each triangle can support a weight of up to 200kg (structural buoyancy only).
Highly tear resistant, UV stabilized netting that serves as support for the vegetation matrix is installed inside the triangles. The netting is installed under tension to prevent partial sinking or sagging when the plants are introduced. This is especially important in waste water treatment to avoid any backflow of extracted pollutants/nutriments back into the water; thus maintaining a high purification rate.

Large water bodies without high riparian plants and great water depth allow for high waves. We supply proven anchoring systems for all the different site conditions. For example we use plough anchors in non-moving waters  with a weight of 9kg and a maximal holding force of 500kp. This system did prove sufficient for Floating Islands interconnected with 8mm chains and 13mm Nylon cords even during autumn and winter storms. Another possibility are concrete anchors of 20 or 50kg.

Floating Islands are delivered complete: you just have to launch them upon reception.  The interlocking of different islands is done inside the water because there they are most easily moved. Single islands are attached to one another by the corners with the help of coupling rings. The insertion of a fender acts as a buffer between the individual elements.
During installation you have to watch current and wind because the dragging resistance of the Floating Islands is considerable.  In cases where the floating islands cannot be shipped fully assembled, we send them in complete sets to be assembled on site.

Advantages on a glance:

1.  Improvement of the water quality
2.  Immediate greening
3.  Durable construction in stainless steel
4.  Simple installation
5.  Almost maintenance free
6.  120m² active bio surface per m² (120ft² per ft²)
7.   Root horizon as colonization space for microorganisms
8.  Nest and brooding spaces for birds
9.  Spawning space for fish
10. Shadowing and cooling of shallow water
11. Wave dampening



Bestmann Green Systems®

The Floating Islands of the SK B variety are used in bird sanctuaries. The frame construction is the same; the surface however is covered with gravel. To ensure a higher stability, we use a double net construction and add additional floating devices. SK B Floating islands are additionally equipped mats made from Repotex®, which are laid over the tubular triangle to facilitate the water side entry of little birds.