Floating Islands Planting


  1. Choose an absolutely flat ground
  2. Spread a layer of sand to protect the basin foil
  3. Build a frame using  2″x6″: 4ft wide and 32ft long (this is a little wider and a little longer than the repotex mat); remember that you have to buy the sheeting at least 18″ wider than the width of the basin – 6ft wide will be perfect. You can see it here.
  4. Position the frame and lay out the foil (you can use black agricultural polyethylene) and tack it to the upper side of the frame
  5. fill it to 2/3 with water


  • Put the coir fibre matting into the basin
  • Plant density should be 16-20 plants/sqm (2 plants/sqft)

Typical plant choices:

  • Herbacées: iris versicolor, aster cordifolius
  • Arbustes: myrica gale (myrique baumier), cormus stolonifera (Cornouilier stolonifère), spirea latifolia (sprirée à larges feuilles), clematis virginiana (clématite de virginie), aronia melanocarpa (aronie à fruits noirs)
  • Arbres: betula alleghaniensis (bouleau jaune, merisier)
 fi-1Carex gracilis/acutiformis fi2Caltha palustris fi3Phalaris arundinacea fi4Myosotis palustris
fi5Juncus effusus fi6Iris pseudacorus

If the site allows for it you can also put the repotex covered with the coir matting onto the water body; anchor the island close to the shore and plant directly onto it. If you want to use that technique, make sure there are no rodents who will eat your tiny plants and take also care that there is not too much wind/waver action etc to disturb the young plantings.