Bioresys intro

Bionic Regeneration Systems (BioReSys)

BioReSys is a very versatile technology. It is used in most cases to eliminate organic waste streams: waste water and solid organic waste. In more advanced contexts it can be expanded to take advantage of the waste streams as carrier of resources to produce renewable energy, agricultural crop production and drinking water. Generally any intervention of BioReSys yields at the same time a remediation of damaged environments – as we do not discharge any organic contaminants into the environment, the latter can finally take a deep breath and mobilize it’s auto-repair mechanisms.

All components combined, BioReSys is a very interesting basis to make a community autonomous: in regards to waste management, energy-, food- and water supply. Our teams are able to work the other 3 quadrants of the wheel of sustainability as well: the social, economic and spiritual dimension.

Finally it is the aesthetically pleasing set-up of BioReSys that can help you transform the formerly obnoxious, ugly WWTP into an ecological tourist attraction or an educational site.