Bioresys cost efficiency

Cost-Efficiency & Scalability

Conventional waste treatment technologies just want to “get rid of crap”, eliminate waste. The invested capital and O&M costs never meet a break even – they are perpetual money guzzlers.

BioReSys is designed to generate revenues on all stages of its functionality:

  1. you can collect the tipping fees for taking up waste water as well as organic solid waste streams
  2. the anaerobic digesters should produce the energy for the whole treatment plant, whichs cuts down substantially on O&M costs
  3. Digesters supply biogas for heat and electricity generation, digestate for high quality fertilizer production and supernatant for algae farming
  4. Decontaminated supernatant and fertilizers can be used in on-site permaculture operations to produce crops in greenhouses and fields
  5. Decontaminated supernatant can be channeled into aquaculture for white water fish farming
  6. Crops, fertilizer and fish can be sold on local farmers’ markets
  7. Further treatment with flowforms and revitalizers yields drinking water of good quality
  8. The beauty of the site (greenhouse dome) makes the installation an ideal venue for education and eco-tourism
  9. we may come up with another revenue generating aspect when we work on your site…!
  10. 0-costeffective