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BioReSys 0-sahajlogopur  projects
We at Sahajo Waterworks developed BioReSys – an entirely biological technology to transform organic liquid and solid waste into valuable products.

bioresys1BioReSys is a multi-step process using non-proprietary, well established green technologies to clean waste streams and transform (almost) all components into upcycled, usable products.



Bestmann Green Systems®

Floating Islands – an easy, natural, low-cost water remediation and water treatment technology. A joined venture with Bestmann Green Systems, GermanyFloating islands are made of a non-degradable floating mattress and a degradable coir matting which holds the plants and contains no significant amount of nutrients.




Sahajo Waterworks proposes innovative solutions to public and private clients all over the world.0-alarbainsThis image shows our proposal for the Al-Arbaeen Lake in Jedah, Saudi Arabia. A heavily charged brackish water body right in the cultural and economic center of the city.